Bobbie Kalman

Books by This Author

What is a Plant? (The Science of Living Things)

Age Level: 6-9

Product Description: Plants provide people and animals with food, shelter, and even oxygen. Plants help us live and grow, but how does a plant grow? Where do plants grow? This title introduces young readers to a variety of plant types, including ferns, carnivorous plants, mosses, and trees and explains photosynthesis, different methods of reproduction, how seeds germinate and grow, which types of plants grow in different climates, and how plants defend themselves.

What is an Amphibian? (The Science of Living Things)

Age Level: 6-9

"The large, full-color photographs and illustrations that pepper every page of these books will catch the eye of browsers but it is the informative, easy-to-read texts that will hold their interest. Both titles (Amphibians and Reptiles) contain basic facts about the animals as a group and identify specific members." — School Library Journal