Holly Keller

Books by This Author

Geraldine's Blanket

Age Level: 3-6
Geraldine’s parents think it’s time for her to give up her old, tattered, but much loved pink baby blanket. Instead, Geraldine comes up with an inventive way to keep it with her always.

Help! A Story of Friendship

Age Level: 3-6
When Hedgehog finds Mouse covered in leaves he learns that Mouse is now afraid of their friend Snake. When Snake saves Mouse, the rumor is unwound and Mouse realizes that Snake has always been his friend. Textured illustrations and relaxed text engagingly reveal a gentle message.


Age Level: 3-6

Product description: Horace, a leopard, is the adopted son of tiger parents. As Horace grows older, he begins to wonder whether he really belongs with his adopted family, especially since he has spots and they have stripes. After running away and some misadventures, however, Horaces realizes that his spots make him special — and that no one loves him as much as his parents do.

Miranda's Beach Day

Age Level: 3-6
Miranda's day at the beach with her mother is filled with the normal activities, from building castles in the sand to placing a crab in it. The child is disappointed when the day comes to an end but is reassured by her mother that more special days will follow. The joy of sharing a day at the beach is a pleasure all year long.