James Ransome

Books by This Author

Gunner, Football Hero

Age Level: 3-6
Short and round, Gunner Smith didn't look like a football player but he practiced hard enough to make third-string quarterback on his town's Pee Wee team. Gunner gets his chance to use his arm in the championship game in this bright tale with a surprise ending.

New Red Bike!

Age Level: 3-6
Tom rides his new red bike to his friend's house but the bike disappears when he knocks at Sam's door. Sam has taken it for a spin, much to Tom's irritation. Expressive illustrations and minimal text depict the friendship, chagrin, and ultimate resolution in a satisfying saga.

Books by This Illustrator

Young Pelé: Soccer's First Star

Illustrated by: James Ransome
Age Level: 9-12

How did a poor boy named Edson — who kicked rocks down roads and dribbled balls made from rags — go on to become the greatest soccer player of all time? Here is the story of the boy who with great determination, lightning speed, and amazing skill overcame tremendous odds to become the world champion soccer star Pelé. Talented author/illustrator team Lesa Cline-Ransome and James E. Ransome bring his inspirational story vibrantly to life. The theme of this Dragonfly Book is Sports.