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Common Core for ELLs

Common Core Assessment and ELLs

Common Core: ELL Assessment

One important question that educators are asking about the Common Core State Standards is what the assessments will look like for English language learners and students with disabilities.

Below you can find related resources; as more become available, we will add them to this section.

Getting Started

ELL Considerations

For an excellent overview of ELL considerations in Common Core assessment, we recommend the following:

Updates from the Field

For ongoing updates of Common Core assessment news, check Education Week's Learning the Language blog for ELL updates (see the "Assessment" Category) and Curriculum Matters for more general updates.

Assessment Consortia

Two consortia of states are developing Common Core assessments. Information about their ELL advisory boards and accommodations policies follows below.

Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

ELL Advisors: The Accessibility, Accommodations, and Fairness Technical Working Group

Accommodations: PARCC has released its final accommodations manual that outlines the accessibility features and accommodations that will be available for the PARCC Mid-Year, Performance-Based, and End-of-Year Assessments for ELLs, students with disabilities, and ELLs with disabilities.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium

ELL Advisors: ELL Advisory Committee

Accommodations: Smarter Balanced provides an overview of its accessibility and accommodations in this fact sheet.

Other related documents include:

Common Core and ELLs Blog

Featuring ELL expert Dr. Diane Staehr Fenner.

Intro to the Common Core: Links to the Standards, Common Core terms, video and more