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ELL Assessment

Assessment for ELLs

This section addresses the critical questions of how to properly assess and place English language learners.

For information about identifying ELLs and placing students in programs of instruction, see our ELL Identification and Placement section.

Assessment and Instruction

Common Core: Assessment Updates and Recommendations

These posts from our Common Core and ELLs blog include updates from the field about assessing ELLs under the Common Core, as well as ideas for how to approach sample test items and classroom assessment from an ELL point of view.

Informal Assessment

Writing Assessments

Videos on ELL Assessment

Webcast: Assessment of ELLs

Assessment webcast

This webcast, featuring Dr. Lorraine Valdez Pierce, covers performance-based standardized assessments; assessment as a tool for informing instruction; and student self-assessment and self-monitoring.

Preschool for English Language Learners

Preschool for English language learners

This webcast features Dr. Rebecca Palacios and offers information on the compontents of an effective preschool ELL program, including best practices for the assessment of young children.

Video Clips: ELL Assessment

Kevin Eberle

These video excerpts from our Meet the Experts interviews feature discussion related to ELL assessment around topics such as test validity, ELL sub-groups, ELL accommodations, the Common Core State Standards, and how to define success with ELLs.

Assessment Guidelines for ELLs

No Child Left Behind and ELLs

This section includes a variety of user-friendly resources introducing educators to the guidelines of No Child Left Behind (now known as the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA) that relate to English language learners (ELLs). Topics include NCLB's assessment requirements for ELLs, ELL instruction, and how to define ELL success.

State ELL Regulations

Many of the regulations and procedures that shape ELL identification, instruction, and assessment are determined at the state level. Through our interactive web resources map, we present information about English language proficiency assessments and ELL accommodations for state reading and math assessments where available.

ELL Assessment and Accountability: Policy Topics

This articles focus on policy questions surrounding ELL assessment and accountability topics such as assessment for young ELLs, assessment validity, and value-added measures (VAMs) for ELL educators.

Related Resources

ELL Assessment Booklist

Assessment for ELLs

These books offer an introduction to assessment best practices for English language learners, as well as numerous student examples and special considerations to keep in mind.

Many of the books include hands-on resources such as rubrics, student-led conference forms, and graphic organizers.

More Resources from Colorín Colorado

Information for Parents

Testing: An Introduction for Parents offers parents overview of standardized testing and suggests strategies that will help support school success.