"We're Not Even Allowed to Ask For Help:" Debunking the Myth of the Model Minority

Author: Beam, J., Casabianca, J., & Chen, A.
Organization: Coalition for Asian American Children and Families
Year Published: 2012

The stereotype of Asian Pacific American (APA) students as a homogeneous "model minority" overlooks the cultural, linguistic, and socioeconomic diversity of the population. Furthermore, it restricts access to academic resources and support, primarily for APA students with limited English proficiency from low-income backgrounds. A majority of these APA students attend schools where Spanish is the dominant home language among ELLs. As a result, the English instruction services provided are not tailored to their needs. This report draws on data from the 2007-8 school year provided by New York City's Department of Education for more than 1,500 schools. In an effort to address the challenges faced by APA students, the report's authors outline suggested reforms to the current educational system.