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Teachers who work with English as a Second Language learners will find ESL/ESOL/ELL/EFL reading/writing skill-building children's books, stories, activities, ideas, strategies to help PreK-3, 4-8, and 9-12 students learn to read.

A bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners
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Teacher Resources: Adult ELL Instruction

What's Different About Teaching Reading to Students Learning English?

What's Different About Teaching Reading to Students Learning English? by Dorothy Kaufmann provides teacher trainers with a research-based curriculum to guide the professional development of classroom and ESL teachers who teach reading in classes where some or all of the students are English language learners. The curriculum is available for purchase from the Center for Applied Linguistics store. Strategy Library

This resource offers comprehensive list of strategies for each phase of the comprehension lesson — before, during, and after reading.

BBC: Learning English

The BBC "Learning English" webpage offers English language-learning multimedia tools such as short courses and quizzes to test grammar and vocabulary. They offer some material in other languages, including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Dave's ESL Café

Dave's ESL Café is an Internet meeting place for ESL and EFL students and teachers from around the world. It includes news of interest to the ESL community, a job posting center, and resources for teachers and students, including an expansive grammar lesson section, a chat room, and a help center.

Educator's Reference Desk: ESL Lesson Plans

This site contains lesson plans geared at English language learners. The lessons indicate appropriate grade levels for the suggested activities.

EFL/ESL Lesson Plans

This website from The Internet TESL Journal offers many kinds of ESL lesson plans and activities for teachers, including games, vocabulary exercises, and conversation practice.

English as a Second Language: Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas

This site provides a wide variety of lesson plans, activities, and web resources for ESL teachers.

English Firsthand: Teacher Resources

This site, produced by Pearson Education, provides information about the English Firsthand communication course. It also offers links to student and teacher resources, including discussion groups, chat centers, and games.

English Grammar: The Easy Way

This site offers English grammar resources, such as charts and explanations.

English Tests And Quizzes: Practice For Students Of English

This site offers many exercises and tests of varying difficulty based on a variety of content areas.

ESL Flow

A listing of lesson plan ideas and activities, archived from many resources across the Web.

ESL Through Music

This website from The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers features links to many music and language-building resources, including lesson plans, materials ideas, and research information.

ESL Writing Wizard: Handwriting Practice

This site lets you create your own handouts of words that students can practice writing. The paper is lined and the word is outlined in small dot print. Good for ELL students developing initial literacy skills.

Everything ESL: Challenges for ELLs in Content Area Learning

This article provides an overview of the challenges ELLs face in their content-area classes, such as math, science, and social studies. Understanding these challenges will help both ELL and content-area teachers adapt instruction for ELL students.

Everything ESL: Quick Tips

This site has short, helpful tips for the educator in a hurry. It offers an overview of a variety of techniques to improve the ELL student's learning experience.

Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day

Larry Ferlazzo maintains an award-winning educational blog and free monthly newsletter where he disseminates links to innovative Web sites for teaching ESL.

Learn English

This site, produced by the British Council, has games, quizzes, grammar exercises, e-cards, and more to help parents, educators, and English language learners.

LearningStore: ELL Resources

LearningStore is a service shared by Colorín Colorado and our sister sites (Reading Rockets, LD OnLine, and to provide you the best educational materials, vetted by experts. ELL resources include books, software, interactive learning tools, and DVDs.

Media Spectrum: Reading Interest Survey

Survey about reading from The Journal for Library Media Specialists.

NCTE: English Language Learner Instruction

Here educators can find information and downloadable resources related to K-12 ELL instruction published by the National Council of English Teachers.

New Readers Press

New Readers Press is a publishing division of ProLiteracy, the world's largest organization of adult basic education and literacy programs. New Readers Press offers a wide variety of materials, including ESL and citizenship resources, a weekly newspaper designed for beginning readers, and GED/life skills resources.

Practitioner Toolkit: Working with Adult English Language Learners

The Practitioner Toolkit: Working with Adult English Language Learners and a related free online course are resources for new adult education and family literacy instructors. The Toolkit includes a FAQ section, a first-day orientation guide, lesson plans, and research-to-practice papers on critical topics.

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL is a professional organization with a goal of ensuring quality education for English language learners.

The TESL Reading and Writing Forum

A forum to share teaching tips, handouts, syllabi, lesson plans and more!

Time Magazine for Kids: Classroom Resources

Time for Kids offers a number of activities, articles, and worksheets for students in grades K-6. Each edition usually includes a Spanish-language article as well.

U.S.A. Learns

U.S.A. Learns is a free Web site for adults to learn English and improve their basic reading, writing, speaking, and life skills. It offers online video courses by topic, essential vocabulary, and assessment tools.

Understanding the "Silent Period" with English Language Learners

This article describes some strategies used by two kindergarten teachers to communicate verbally and nonverbally.

Using English: ESL Lesson Plans

Many lesson plans, worksheets, and other activities are available through this site, including a number of resources related to business English.