Colorín Colorado's Online Community: An Introduction and FAQs


Many of our visitors have asked for a place to connect with other ELL educators, and we are happy to provide that opportunity! The new Colorín Colorado social network on Ning offers a place to discuss resources and ideas that will help English language learners succeed.

It's free to join, and members are welcome to submit ideas, resources, and conversation topics, as well as to start their own group on the network. You will find more information in the FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ning?

Ning is a social platform designed to create online communities. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., Ning offers a user-friendly service that allows people to join and build their own social networks. Ning now has more than 2 million networks online, including a number of networks created in the education and non-profit sectors.

How do I sign up for the Colorín Colorado Community?

It's easy and free! You can go straight to our sign-up page, or you can read more about the process first in this section.

What can I do once I sign up?

You can get started by:

  1. Introducing yourself to the group
  2. Updating your profile page and photo by clicking on "My Page"
  3. Commenting and posting on the blog and forum
  4. Joining or starting a group
  5. Taking a moment to read our community guidelines
  6. Inviting a friend to join the community by clicking on "Invite."

Is the network open to the public?

Yes. Anyone can join, and all content on the network is available for public viewing.

What is the difference between the forum, blog, and chat?

The forum is designed for group discussion and comments on topics such as these:


The community blog provides a place where members can post resources or articles of interest.

The chat allows members who are online at the same time to enter a virtual chat together.

Can I create a new group?

Yes. Members can create groups, and we strongly encourage members to create groups that they would most like to see on the network. Groups may focus on grade level, content areas, city and region, profession, interest, or anything else you can think of!

Is the Colorín Colorado Community bilingual?

We certainly hope it will be! Much of the discussion is happening in English, but we strongly encourage Spanish-speaking teachers and parents to start new discussion groups and threads as well.

For more information, take a look at the Ning Help section and our Community Guidelines.

Other questions?

Please contact us with your comments and questions.


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