Denise Fleming

Books by This Author

Sleepy, Oh So Sleepy

Age Level: 0-3
Tiny, sleepy animal babies each snuggle down with their loving parents until the final child, a human baby, happily drifts off to sleep. Lush illustrations combine with the lyrical text in this soothing, tender, and handsome book.

The Cow Who Clucked

Age Level: 3-6
When the cow discovers that she's lost her distinctive "moo," she visits other farm animals to retrieve it. Her proper voice is magically restored when she meets a chicken who moos! This is a playful, colorful introduction to farm animals and their sounds.

The Everything Book

Age Level: 3-6
This colorful and somewhat eclectic collection of rhymes and information is made for sharing and reading over. Tidbits include everything from seasons to the alphabet and more, all illustrated with Fleming's signature illustrations.