Rosemary Wells

Born in New York City, Rosemary Wells grew up in a house "filled with books, dogs, and nineteenth-century music." "When I was two years old I began to draw and they saw right away the career that lay ahead of me and encouraged me every day of my life. As far back as I can remember, I did nothing but draw."

Rosemary Wells's career as an author and illustrator spans more than 30 years and 60 books, ranging from board books to young adult literature. She has won numerous awards, and has given young adult readers vivid historical fiction like Red Moon at Sharpsburg and Mary on Horseback: Three Mountain Stories, as well as great mysteries like The Man in the Woods and When No One Was Looking.

Her writing career has been a "pure delight," she says. "I regret only that I cannot live other lives parallel to my own. Writing is a lonely profession and I am a gregarious sort of person. I would like someday to work for the FBI. A part of me was never satisfied with years of tennis. I still yearned to play basketball."

Books by This Author

Max & Ruby's Treasure Hunt

Age Level: 3-6
Rain spoils Max and Ruby (and friends) outdoor plans but their clever grandmother's treasure hunt more than makes up for it. Clues in the form of traditional rhymes are numbered, hidden beneath small but sturdy flaps as well as in spot art are sure to make this a modern classic.

Max and Ruby in Pandora's Box

Age Level: 3-6
When Max invades his sister's private space, Ruby tells him the story of what happened long ago to another too-curious character named Pandora. Wells' retelling and humorous illustrations make the ancient Greek myth a timely tale for contemporary readers.

Max and Ruby's Bedtime Book

Age Level: 3-6
Max, Ruby, and friends are back for a series of short everyday adventures. They cook and open a restaurant, learn to swim and save a special buddy, and more. Humorous, textured illustrations in a large format are just right for bedtime (or anytime) sharing.

Max Board Books

Age Level: 0-3
Max is a determined three-year-old bunny, while his big sister, Ruby, is a smart, goal-oriented seven-year-old. Although the two siblings squabble as siblings often will, they usually manage to come to an agreement by the end of each of these satisfying stories.

Max's Bunny Business

Age Level: 6-9
Ruby and her friend sell lemonade in order to buy matching rings. When Max's help is rebuffed, he sells leftover Halloween candy to Grandma in time to buy the last ring. Good-natured competition and lots of humor make this another Max and Ruby winner.

Max's Dragon Shirt

Age Level: 3-6
Ruby has five dollars to buy Max a new pair of much needed pants, but Max wants the dragon shirt. The trip to the department store holds adventure and surprises – at least for Ruby!

Max's First Word

Age Level: 0-3
Ruby, Max's older sister, tries to get Max to repeat simple words such as CUP. Max decides that his first word will describe the APPLE as DELICIOUS. Uncluttered, expressive illustrations and repeated words make this a humorous slice of everyday life.

My Havana

Illustrated by: Amos Ferguson
Age Level: 9-12

Product Description: "You're always drawing in that notebook of yours," Dino's friend teases. To the small boy, 1950s Havana is alive with color, music, and glamour, and he itches to capture it on paper. When Fidel Castro and the Communist Party take over the Cuban government, Dino's family must move to New York, where the lonely boy pours his heart into making a model of Havana's archways and balconies, buildings and streets. Rosemary Wells composes a tender ode to an immigrant boy who grew up to be a U.S.

On the Blue Comet

Illustrated by: Bagram Ibatoulline
Age Level: 9-12
The Great Depression changed everything for 11-year-old Oscar and his widowed dad. Oscar's prized model trains are sold, his dad leaves Illinois to find work in California, and Oscar begins an adventure through time and places after he jumps onto a model train.

Read to Your Bunny

Age Level: 0-3
From best-selling author/illustrator Rosemary Wells comes a charming, rhyming story that children will want to hear again and again. An invitation for parents and children to read together every day, this picture book promises: Read to your bunny often, and your bunny will read to you.