Rosemary Wells

Born in New York City, Rosemary Wells grew up in a house "filled with books, dogs, and nineteenth-century music." "When I was two years old I began to draw and they saw right away the career that lay ahead of me and encouraged me every day of my life. As far back as I can remember, I did nothing but draw."

Rosemary Wells's career as an author and illustrator spans more than 30 years and 60 books, ranging from board books to young adult literature. She has won numerous awards, and has given young adult readers vivid historical fiction like Red Moon at Sharpsburg and Mary on Horseback: Three Mountain Stories, as well as great mysteries like The Man in the Woods and When No One Was Looking.

Her writing career has been a "pure delight," she says. "I regret only that I cannot live other lives parallel to my own. Writing is a lonely profession and I am a gregarious sort of person. I would like someday to work for the FBI. A part of me was never satisfied with years of tennis. I still yearned to play basketball."

Books by This Author

Tallchief: America's Prima Ballerina

Illustrated by: True Kelley
Age Level: 6-9

Maria Tallchief shares the story of her childhood and path to becoming America's first prima ballerina. Growing up on the Osage Indian reservation, Maria was a gifted pianist and dancer, but at the age of twelve, her father told her that she must choose between dance and music. Maria chose ballet, changing the course of her life and the face of classical ballet in America.

The Man in the Woods

Age Level: 9-12
After witnessing a car accident, Helen follows a suspect into the woods. Did the suspect spot her? Did the police arrest the right person? Helen and her friend Pinky are going to find out.

Timothy Goes to School

Age Level: 3-6
Wearing his brand-new, mom-made sunsuit, Timothy is all set for the first day of school. It looks like nothing can spoil this exciting moment… until perfect Claude shows up in his jacket and tie.

Voyage to the Bunny Planet

Age Level: 3-6
This boxed set from the creator of the inimitable Max consists of three beguiling volumes: First Tomato, Moss Pillows and The Island Light. In each, an endearing bunny is having a bad day. Just when it seems that matters can get no worse, each bunny is transported to an extraordinary locale: the Bunny Planet. Here the beleaguered bunnies are treated to the day that should have been, and their halcyon activities are described in soothing rhymed couplets.


Age Level: 3-6
The other kids in Yoko’s first grade class make fun of her lunch until an astute teacher announces an international celebration of food. Well’s animals capture the emotional charge of a child’s world.

Yoko Writes Her Name

Age Level: 3-6
Language: English

Yoko is ready for kindergarten! She can write her name, write numbers, and read stories. There is only one problem, though — she does it all in Japanese, and her classmates make fun of her scribbles. Can her new friend convince her that knowing a secret language isn't such a bad thing after all? Wells offers a loving, empathetic story that young ELLs will easily relate to, as well as a thoughtful portrayal of a teacher who embraces her young student's native language in the classroom.

Yoko's Show & Tell

Age Level: 3-6
Yoko disobeys her mother by taking her special Japanese doll to school and is heartsick when it is broken. Her mother reassures Yoko that she loves her in spite of her mistake and takes Miki to a doll hospital for repair. Textured, evocative illustrations effectively convey feelings and Yoko's Japanese heritage.