Shane Evans

Books by This Author

Art from Her Heart

Age Level: 6-9
Self-taught artist Clementine Hunter used paint and canvas to record life in the rural south. Her work was first hung on a clothesline, much later in galleries. This attractive picture book biography concludes with an author's note and actual images by Hunter.


Age Level: 6-9
Brief, staccato text and dark-hued, mixed-media illustrations convey the drama of enslaved people escaping on the Underground Railroad. There is limited light and grave danger until the family reaches freedom in this seemingly simple yet rich and sophisticated book.

We March

Age Level: 3-6

Two children aroused by their parents join the March on Washington in 1963. Short sentences and semi-abstract illustrations convey the children's evolving feelings as they join scores of others in what adults recognize as an historic march for civil rights.