New Resources from Colorín Colorado: Best of 2019

Colorín Colorado produced a lot of great new content in 2019 related to English language learners (ELLs)!  Here is a list of those resources for you to save and share with colleagues.

Resource guides

How to Support Immigrant Students and Families: Strategies for Schools and Early Childhood Programs

Father and son in cafeteriaThis comprehensive guide includes more than 50 strategies that educators, administrators, staff, and community partners can use to ensurethat schools and early childhood settings remain safe, welcoming places for immigrant students and their families.

10 Strategies Schools Can Use to Support Students After an Immigration Raid

Concerned boy looking out windowLearn how schools can support students and families impacted by an immigration raid such as those that occurred in Mississippi in the fall of 2019. For additional ideas, see After an Immigration Raid: Information for Schools.

How Schools Can Create a Safe Environment for Muslim Students

Mother in head scarf kissing daughter in head scarfHow can schools create an environment where Muslim students feel safe and respected?  Here is a collection of resources on the topic and ideas on how to use books and author interviews to foster empathy and spark dialogue; we'll add new resources as they become available.


You Are Welcome Here: Supporting the Social and Emotional Health of Newcomer Immigrants

Teacher in head scarf hugging young boyYou Are Welcome Here is a 20-minute film highlighting how the Dearborn, MI public school district is helping its immigrant students succeed. The film is also available with Arabic subtitles.

A warm welcome for immigrant families in the front office

Norieah Ahmed, the Child Accounting Secretary at Salina Elementary School in Dearborn, MI, talks about her role in welcoming newcomer immigrant families to the school from the moment they walk in the door.

Looking at the whole child: Conversations with an award-winning social worker

Meet Dr. Rola Bazzi-Gates, a special education coordinator for Dearborn Public Schools and Michigan's 2016 Social Worker of the Year. Learn how her personal experience living through conflict helped prepare her to support students and families today.


MTSS: What It Means for English Language Learners

Teacher helping small group of middle school studentsIn this article written for Colorín Colorado, Dr. Claudia Rinaldi of Lasell College provides an introduction to the multi-tier system of support (MTSS) framework and what MTSS means for ELLs. She also includes guidelines for identifying effective interventions for ELLs.

Note: For related information, see this free webinar from Share My Lesson: What is MTSS and how can it support ELLs' success?

Jump-Starting Collaboration: Sending an Introductory Letter to Colleagues and Families

Laptop, notebook, pencil, phone, and plant on deskEvery year, ESL teacher Larry Donathan sends out an introductory letter to colleagues and parents introducing himself. In this article written for Colorín Colorado, he shares sample letters and explains why he started this practice.

10 Things You Need to Learn About Your ELLs

Student talking with classmateLearning about ELLs — their strengths, challenges, and background experiences — is a critical step that can help you respond with the right support and instruction. Find out how to get started with these ideas!

6 Strategies for Partnering with Families of ELLs

Educator talking with adults in a school libraryHow can teachers build relationships with families of ELLs and why are those relationships so important? Learn more from the following tips.


ELLs in Special Education: How to Partner With Your Students' Families

Father helping son with homework at tableWhat are some considerations that teachers need to keep in mind when partnering with families of ELLs in special education settings? Here are some strategies for culturally and linguistically responsive outreach and collaboration from a bilingual special education teacher in Nevada.

5 Myths About ELLs and Special Education

Young girl working at chalkboardLearn more about common myths related to ELLs and special education along with strategies for identifying and supporting students' strengths and needs.



40+ new booklists for young children

Red Is a Dragon: A Book of Colors by Grace LinThese new booklists highlight diverse books around common themes for young children, such as letters, numbers, and colors, as well as bigger topics, such as family, neighborhoods, favorite foods and toys, and much more. Many of the books are available in bilingual editions.

2019 Award-Winning Books

Merci Suarez Changes Gears by Meg Medina2019 was a great year for diverse books! This booklist features a diverse collection of books for children and young adults that won awards such as the Newbery Medal, the Pura Belpré Award, the Walter Award, the Caldecott Medal, and the Stonewall Book Award. A special congratulations to Meg Medina on her historic Newbery win!


Sonia Sotomayor: Bilingual Books for Kids and Teens

Just Ask! by Justice Sonia SotomayorThis collection of books for readers of all ages by and about Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor tells the story of her remarkable life. These books also share a central message of hope and inspiration for young people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities who are pursuing their dreams — and who are discovering their own talents and superpowers. Many of the books are available in Spanish.

Stories About Family Separation

You Weren't With MeThese stories address difficult topics around family separation. Many relate to immigrant stories (both historic and contemporary). These books can be a powerful tool in helping children talk about their feelings and experiences during or after a separation.