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Did you know that about 40% of English words have a related word in Spanish? Cognates are words that are the same or similar in spelling and/or pronunciation between two languages. Learning to recognize cognates is a great way to help English language learners expand their vocabularies. See Using Cognates to Develop Comprehension in English for more information.

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Academic Language and ELLs: What Teachers Need to Know

Use Words to Teach Words

Students who comprehend the most from their reading are those who know a lot about words. These students know about word prefixes, suffixes, word roots, and multiple meanings of words. Families can help develop word knowledge through simple conversations focused on words.

Vocabulary Development

Knowing vocabulary words is key to reading comprehension. The more words a child knows, the better he or she will understand the text. Using a variety of effective teaching methods will increase the student's ability to learn new words.

Using Cognates to Develop Comprehension in English

Cognates are words in two languages that share a similar meaning, spelling, and pronunciation. For Spanish-speaking ELLs, cognates are an obvious bridge to the English language.

Using cognates

Capitalizing on similarities and differences between Spanish and English