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As Latino population grows, school districts search for new ways to help student succeed

There's one common thread among the immigrant parents that math teacher Christa Wolak has met with during her five years at Allentown's Newcomer Academy: They care — a lot. The vast majority of students at the special Allentown School District facility, a school dedicated to preparing non-English speaking students for public education, are Latino. And Wolak said the school's staff has learned that engaging the entire family is an essential part of helping each student succeed.

Dual Language Education for Equity & Economic Development

After years of a "test-prep" curriculum and failed attempts at educating English Language Learners (ELLs) with a transitional bilingual education model, the El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) has shifted to an Active Learning framework: technology enhanced project-based learning that aims to engage and inspire every student every day.

Arizona Board of Ed to Pilot English Language Learning Software

The Arizona Department of Education, in cooperation with the Arizona State Board of Education, has launched a two-year pilot program of a technology-based language development and literacy intervention program for English language learners in kindergarten through grade 6.

Pulling reservation schools back from the brink

A program to improve American Indian high schools in Montana shows promise, but is it enough? Greater support for K-12 schooling could make it more likely that native kids get into and are prepared for college. But the support can’t stop with college admission, said Eileen Peacock of the American Indian Education Fund.

The Sounds of Grammar with Betty Azar

Normal contracted speech, especially in everyday conversational usage, can speed by like a bullet train. It can leave learners feeling a little dazed as they try to catch the meaning. Teachers in second language classes often speak slowly and distinctly but in the real world, well, it's not going to happen. Or, to say that in normal contracted speech, Well, i'snotgonnahappen. Speakers squeeze sounds together, or drop sounds, or say them so softly and quickly that a listener can barely hear them.

How Marginalized Families Are Pushed Out of PTAs

Although Spanish-immersion programs were initially meant to serve children who spoke Spanish at home and were still learning English, they have become increasingly popular across the country with non-Latino parents whose children speak primarily or only English at home, according to a 2015 dissertation for the City University of New York’s urban-education program.) But the ability can also mean wealthy families wield disproportionate influence on campus and in the PTA.