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ELL Resources for Educators

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If you're looking for ideas on how to effectively teach English language learners in all grades, you've come to the right place! This updated section includes the following topics:

New Resource!

Guidance and Resources for Schools and Staff Working with Unaccompanied Minors

Getting Started

Family conference

These resources offer tips for getting to know your students and their families, as well as ideas for working with special populations such as refugees and migrants.

ELL Placement and Assessment

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These resources offer guidance for placing ELLs in the appropriate classrooms, as well as special considerations for ELL assessment and information about special education and ELLs.

ELL Instruction

Student writing

These resource sections are filled with strategies for instruction in reading, writing, and content areas, along with recommendations of useful tools and ideas to support your teaching and information about the Common Core State Standards.

What's Working

Laurie Weaver

These article offer insights into successful approaches to working with ELLs, from research-based classroom ideas to interviews with expert teachers.

Professional Development


For additional multimedia resources that you can use in your professional development, see the following resources created or recommended by Colorín Colorado:

Parent Outreach

Adult education

Take a look at these bilingual and multilingual tip sheets and toolkits that you can use for ELL parent outreach created or recommended by Colorín Colorado:


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This section is developed with ongoing support and input from the American Federation of Teachers and AFT members, including our ELL Educator Cadre.