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ELL Parent and Family Outreach

Family at school meeting

The parents or family members of English language learners (ELLs) are crucial partners in supporting student success. These articles, tip sheets, guides, books, and videos provide educators with a number of ideas on how get to know and engage ELL families.

Recommended Books

Booklist: ELL Family Outreach

Booklist: ELL Family Outreach

The titles on our ELL Family Outreach booklist offer a myriad of ways to build relationships with the families of your ELLs and engage them in the school community. A number of the books also offer in-depth discussion the strengths of ELL families and how to identify and build upon those strengths to overcome challenges together.

Children's booklists

Booklists: Family Stories

These kids' booklists feature stories about families from diverse cultures sharing special moments together, from noisy holidays to quiet moments adjusting to a new home. The featured books are great options for the classroom and family literacy events!

They also may be a valuable resource for families who have never seen their own culture represented in a children's story.

Video: ELL Family Outreach

These videos from our expert interviews, webcasts, and PBS shows showcase a number of ideas and successful strategies for developing a strong relationship with ELL families.

ELL Parent Outreach: Tips for Success

Strategy: Parent Letters