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What's my role?: Advocating for ELLs


Educators of English language learners (ELLs) are important advocates for their students.

These resources can help you in that effort and offer ideas about where to start. For some additional ideas, take a look at our suggestions from ELL educators in the video clips below!

ELL Advocacy: Discussion Topics

ELL Advocacy: Selecting the Right Issues and Audiences

In this excerpt from English Language Learners at School: A Guide for Administrators, 2nd Edition (Caslon, 2012), Maria Josefina Yanguas provides a brief introduction to the key issues that are appropriate for different stakeholders and audiences — from PTA groups to the state governor.

Private Foundations, ELLs, & My Continued Skepticism

This article written by ELL educator and blogger Larry Ferlazzo discusses philanthropic support for ELL education, as well as the role of ELL educators in that conversation and process of setting priorities. Larry is a veteran teacher Sacramento, CA and has authored numerous articles and two books.

ELL Advocacy: Tips from Educators

These interviews from our Meet the Experts series present ideas for ELL educators who are interested in finding new ways to advocate for their students and families.

The educators featured include: