Refugee Students

Welcoming Refugees

This initiative and website from the Office of Refugee Resettlement includes multimedia resources, including archived webinars, videos, and social network communities.

Teacher's Guide: Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave, a novel written in free verse by Katherine Applegate, tells the story of Kek, an eleven-year-old boy from the Sudan who arrives as a refugee to Minnesota in the middle of winter. The Teacher's Guide for includes discussion questions, activities on idioms and language, and web resources about the war in Sudan. Highly recommended for ELL educators and students. Appropriate for grades 4-12.

Tibetan Alliance of Chicago

The Tibetan Alliance of Chicago is a volunteer organization dedicated to empowering Chicago's Tibetan community and fostering its further development. The Tibetan Alliance provides services aimed at enabling the community and each Tibetan to meet their needs and achieve their economic, social, cultural and political goals.

Refugee Educators' Network

The Refugee Educators' Network, Inc. began as the Education Subcommittee of the Sacramento Area Refugee Forum in the early 1980s. Since then, REN members have developed a collection of books, videos, magazines, and artifacts that serve as a bridge between educators and refugee communities.

Lao People, Cultures, and Issues (LCW)

LCW works to promote awareness about Lao People, Cultures and Issues. Through our website we wish to be the conduit of information for our visitors through comprehensive Lao language references and other cultural information, insightful advice column, special articles, etc.


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