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A bilingual site for families and educators of English language learners
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School Administrators

Achieve, Inc. Resource Center for Standards

Features a searchable database of state and international academic standards in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, organized conveniently by subject, state, grade level, topic, and keyword. Allows for sophisticated searches and side-by-side comparisons of state standards.

AFT Position on English Language Learners: Where We Stand*

This document outlines the AFT position on the education of English language learners.

American Association of School Administrators

AASA, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for over 14,000 educational leaders across America and in many other countries. AASA's mission is to support and develop effective school system leaders who are dedicated to the highest quality public education for all children.

American Federation of Teachers

A group of teachers founded AFT to protect their professional interests, benefit the people they served, and create strong local unions affiliated with the labor movement. The AFT has grown into a trade union representing workers in education, health care, and public service.

American Federation of Teachers: English Language Learners

The AFT seeks to promote educational excellence and equity for English language learners (ELLs) to ensure they meet the same challenging standards required of all students.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

ASCD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership association provides expert and innovative solutions in professional development, capacity building, and educational leadership essential to the way educators learn, teach, and lead.

Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services (BRYCS)

Provides technical assistance to service providers working with refugee children and their families in the U.S.

BRYCS: Involving Refugee Parents in Their Children's Education

Resources for helping educators increase parent outreach to refugee families.

BRYCS: Welcoming and Orienting Newcomer Students to U.S. Schools

Resources targeted towards helping newcomer students adjust to their U.S. school environment.

Children Now: Education Resources

Offers information, research, and policy recommendations for policy-makers, educators, and parents working on behalf of children.

Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents

The California Department of Education promotes the Clearinghouse for Multilingual Documents (CMD), a secure database to assist local educators in both locating and uploading their own free parental notification documents translated into non-English languages. While documents will be most relevant for educators in California, the database serves as a model for other educational systems looking to expand resources in other languages.

College Board: Supporting a College-Going Culture

A number of ideas from the College Board for supporting a college-going culture at your school.

College Scholarships Website

Online database listing college scholarships by state, student profile, degree, etc.

College Summit: Strengthening College-Going Culture

Information about College Summit's "Peer Leaders" program, which gives students a central role in encouraging their classmates to consider applying for college.

Education Week

This online edition of America's top educational newspaper features daily news and current, as well as archived issues of Education Week and Teacher Magazine.


Since its inception in 1991, the George Lucas Educational Foundation has been documenting, disseminating, and advocating for exemplary programs in K-12 public schools to help these practices spread nationwide.

Harvard Family Research Project: Bilingual Voices and Parent Classroom Choices

A case study of a Latino mother and her difficulties in helping her daughter achieve success in the U.S. school system. Offers discussion questions for staff to reflect on ways they might better assist immigrant families.

Houston A+ Challenge: Preparing to Dream

Program aiming to improve postsecondary access and success among low-income and first-generation college students in the Houston, TX region.

Immigrant Students and Secondary School Reform: A Compendium of Best Practices

A comprehensive resource guide published by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) that highlights best practices for a variety of ELL student needs and offers descriptions of instructional programs designed around best practices.

Learn and Serve America

Learn and Serve America provides support to schools, higher education institutions, and community-based organizations, that engage students, their teachers, and others in service-learning. Learn and Serve America is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service, an independent federal agency created to connect Americans of all ages and backgrounds with opportunities to give back to their communities and their nation.

National Association of Elementary School Principals

The mission of NAESP is to lead in the advocacy and support of elementary and middle level principals and other education leaders in their commitment to all children.

National Association of Secondary School Principals

NASSP, a professional organization that assists middle level high school principals, assistant principals, and aspiring principals with programs on supervision, curriculum, and staff development and advances middle level and high school education through advocacy for and promotion of secondary education.

National Parent Teacher Association

National PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in the United States. A not-for-profit association of parents, educators, students, and other citizens active in their schools and communities. PTA is a leader in reminding our nation of its obligations to children.

San Diego School District: Parent Resources

The San Diego Unified School District's parent resource page offers general school policy information in multiple languages, along with helpful articles about testing, attendance, and student performance.

Secondary Newcomer Programs: Helping Recent Immigrants Prepare for School Success

This article by researcher Dr. Deborah Short provides an overview of newcomer programs and how they address students linguistic, academic, and acculturation needs.

Teaching Diverse Learners

Teaching Diverse Learners is a resource dedicated to enhancing the capacity of teachers to work effectively and equitably with English language learners (ELLs). This site provides access to information — publications, educational materials, and the work of experts in the field — that promotes high achievement for ELLs.

Texas Middle School Program for AP* Spanish

The Texas Middle School Program for AP Spanish engages native Spanish-speaking students in early preparation for college success. Its Web site shares program wisdom and resources so that other educators can design their own programs.

U.S. Department of Education

The mission of the U. S. Department of Education is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence for all Americans. The Department WebSite includes information on funding, research, publications, and programs.

U.S. Department of Education: Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

The Office of Elementary and Secondary Education strives to promote academic excellence, enhance educational opportunities and equity for all of America's children and families, and to improve the quality of teaching and learning by providing leadership, technical assistance and financial support.