Asesores de Colorín Colorado

  • Dr. Claude Goldenberg

    California State University, Long Beach, Department of Teacher Education

  • Dr. Michael Kamil

    Stanford University, School of Education

  • Dr. Timothy Shanahan

    University of Illinois at Chicago, College of Education

Asesores de Reading Rockets

  • Dr. Louisa Moats

    Former Director, NICHD Early Interventions Project

  • Dr. Annemarie Palincsar

    University of Michigan, Educational Studies

  • Dr. Louise Spear-Swerling

    Southern Connecticut State University, Department of Special Education and Reading

  • Dr. Lee Swanson

    University of California, Riverside, School of Education

  • Dr. Julie Washington

    University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • Dr. Joanna Williams

    Columbia University, Teachers College