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Best of 2018: In One Generation, a Farmworker Family Grows College Ambitions

For as long as he can remember, Angel Benavides has missed the beginning of the school year in Texas because his family stays in North Dakota through the harvest. It's weather-dependent, so there's no hard end; all Angel knows is they'll head home to Texas sometime in October or November. That flexibility is a big deal for employers who rely on seasonal workers to quickly harvest and process crops before they spoil. But it puts workers' kids — more than 300,000 of them nationwide, according to the Department of Education — in a tough situation: keeping their grades up in a system designed for students who start and finish the year at the same school.

Best of 2018: Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Writing Book About Kids with 'Life Challenges'

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor spoke Friday about a book she’s working on about kids with "life challenges," such as attention deficit disorder, autism, blindness and diabetes. Sotomayor, who was diagnosed with diabetes as a child, she said she wanted to write a book about "all of the common challenges, some visible and not so visible, that kids grow up in the world experiencing."

Best of 2018: Librarians Collaborate to Support English Language Learners and Their Families

It was a meeting of the five families, but this one — with some assistance from the Seattle Public Library (SPL) — led to what may be the country's first crowdsourced book in the Somali language. When Seattle's Somali population sought more materials to help parents and children communicate in their native language and share their culture and customs, the library set out to develop a pilot project that would allow for family learning and promote cultural understanding — then possibly be scaled for wider use.

Best of 2018: Lego Foundation and Sesame Street Team Up to Help Refugee Children

Can play help refugee children heal from trauma? That's the belief behind a new partnership formed by the Lego Foundation, Sesame Workshop and organizations working with Syrian and Rohingya refugees. In its first major humanitarian project, announced on Wednesday, the foundation will provide $100 million over five years to the makers of "Sesame Street" to deepen their work with the International Rescue Committee in the countries around Syria, and also to partner with the Bangladeshi relief organization BRAC.

Best of 2018: From Poverty to Rocket Scientist to CEO, A Girl Scout's Inspiring Story

Sylvia Acevedo grew up on a dirt road in New Mexico. Her family was poor, living "paycheck to paycheck." After a meningitis outbreak in her Las Cruces neighborhood nearly killed her younger sister, her mother moved the family to a different neighborhood. At her new school, young Acevedo knew no one. Until a classmate convinced her to become a Brownie Girl Scout. And from that moment, she says, her life took on a new path.

Best of 2018: ESL Science Class Brings Out Scientists in Students

Kerri Withrow Valentine's science classroom at Central Fall High School seems pretty typical. Yet most of the 14 members of this beginning language-level learner class are Spanish-speakers from Central and Northern South America; three are from Cabo Verde and speak Portuguese. It's in part because of her work with English as a second language (ESL) students that she has been designated "Teacher of the Year for Excellence in Environmental Education" by the Rhode Island Environmental Education Association (RIEEA).