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English learners are becoming English-proficient at higher rates. How did LAUSD pull it off?

Students in the Los Angeles Unified School District who are still learning English are becoming proficient in their new language at record levels.  20.7 percent of their students who began the school year as English learners will end the year having been designated as "fluent-English-proficient" — a record high "reclassification" rate, as the state's largest school district recently announced.

Park Rapids adopts an Ojibwe Language Project

Ojibwe is an Indigenous language of North America spoken by the Anishinaabe people throughout much of Canada and US border states from Michigan to Montana. Though still widely spoken, he number of fluent speakers has declined sharply.
A movement started years ago in Bemidji, Minnesota to help bridge the Native and non-Native communities has now spread to Park Rapids, MN where signs in Ojibwe and English are now available to area businesses. "The goal of the project is to create an inclusive, welcoming environment with an awareness of and respect for Ojibwe culture," said committee member Beth Baker-Knuttila.

Erin Entrada Kelly Talks Newbery Award and Filipino Storytelling Tradition

For the first time in Newbery history, the winner and all three honor books were written by authors of color. “I get messages from people in the Philippines who are just very proud that a Filipina-American has been recognized,” says Kelly. “When you have a group of people saying they’re so proud you’re representing the community, it’s like ‘Whoa.’” Lara Saguisag, an assistant professor at the College of Staten Island, hopes Kelly’s novels and success help Filipino and Filipino-American kids “recognize they are worthy of being in stories” and even inspire them to create their own.

Cultivating language-aware teachers and language-rich classrooms

Students with English as a second language come with variety of needs from a variety of life circumstances and language backgrounds, so there will be no simple or uniform fix. Nor can we wait for overstretched specialist services and experts to provide what’s necessary. These learners will rely on their mainstream teachers above all else. This means every teacher has to become language aware. Catherine Doherty and Sally Zacharias, from the School of Education at the University of Glasgow, look at what schools can do to support teachers in today’s super-diverse classrooms.

Rhode Island bill would promote dual-language education

Two Providence legislators have proposed a bill to add a position at the Rhode Island Department of Education to coordinate and promote the creation of more dual-language programs in public schools, which the sponsors say boost overall academic proficiency as well as language skills

Bill amending Arizona's English-language-learner model is revived

A bill allowing students learning English to spend just two hours a day in language-development classes, rather than four, has been resurrected from its seeming death at the Arizona Capitol — after the sponsor promised to water it down. The bill was resurrected after the sponsor promised to water it down.

Erin Entrada Kelly Talks Newbery Award and Filipino Storytelling Tradition

It starts with a character for Erin Entrada Kelly. One character begets another and a novel is born. The 2018 Newbery Medal winner doesn’t find her creative process particularly inspired. In fact, that initial protagonist tends to come to life in her car. "It's almost always when I'm driving," Kelly says. "I wish I could say I had a dream and it was some kind of magic, but it's not."

Pre-to-3: Research-to-Practice Network Focuses on NYC Pre-K

Whether they work in elementary schools or community-based centers, those who guide and lead preschool teachers often don't have much training in how to be leaders. And that includes developing a cultural understanding of the families who attend their programs and the neighborhoods in which they live. That's just one of the preliminary findings of a research project focusing on New York City's universal prekindergarten (UPK) program that will be presented next week at the American Educational Research Association conference in Manhattan.