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Connecticut Communities and Schools Rally to Help Puerto Rico and Prepare for Displaced Students

A number of communities across the state of Connecticut are holding fundraisers and donation drives for the people of Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria, while school districts statewide are preparing for new student arrivals.  Here is a snapshot of what's happening:

Increasing Math Instruction for ELLs Could Boost Literacy Skills

Not surprisingly, instructional support for English language learners (ELLs) often focuses on literacy skills, but as a result, students might be falling behind in math, according to eSchool News. In fact, by the time ELL students reach middle school, they might be two years behind in math, the article says, adding that a stronger emphasis on the math-related language students need for word problems, for example, can support their reading and writing skills across the curriculum.

New Curry Ph.D. Program to Address Complexities of Language Education in the U.S.

The University of Virginia's Curry School of Education is adding a new Ph.D. program for scholars interested in the growing field of language education. The "Language Education in Multilingual Contexts" Ph.D., a new concentration within Curry's existing Ph.D. in education program, is designed for students interested in topics related to teaching and learning in kindergarten-through-high school language education. The new Ph.D. students will explore language education through multiple lenses and in various contexts – whether that’s students learning English as a second language, English-speaking students studying world languages, or students learning within dual-language settings in the classroom or at home.

Paraprofessionals Often an Untapped Source of Bilingual Teachers, Studies Show

A fellowship program in Washington state, which allows bilingual paraprofessionals to earn bachelor's degrees and K-8 teaching certificates while taking classes on nights and weekends, is one approach to meeting the demand for bilingual teachers, according to analysis of two reports from New America by The 74. In another model, Portland Public Schools is working with Portland State University to line up candidates for its fellowship program in which bilingual educators with bachelor's degrees work as teachers, substitutes or paraprofessionals in the district while earning graduate degrees. 

Former NASA Engineer Sylvia Acevedo on Being the Only Woman in the Room

Sylvia Acevedo became a Girl Scout when she was seven, a life-changing moment that propelled her into a field with few Latinas: science and engineering. After earning her science badge by building model rockets, she realized she loved math and science and eventually became one of the first Latinas at NASA. Now, as the CEO of the Girl Scouts, she finds satisfaction in encouraging girls to envision themselves in science and engineering jobs, hoping to inspire them to follow in her footsteps.