Cari Best

Books by This Author

Easy as Pie

By: Cari Best
Illustrated by: Melissa Sweet
Age Level: 3-6
Jacob learns a great deal from his favorite television baker, Chef Monty. And he puts those skills to great use just in time for his parents' anniversary making dessert — a peach pie — the celebration's first course. Jacob's good humor and problem solving skills (with a little help from his sister) make for sweet reading.

Taxi! Taxi!

By: Cari Best
Illustrated by: Dale Gottlieb
Age Level: 6-9

Every Sunday, Tina's father picks her up in his taxi — "the shiniest taxi in the city" — and they spend the day together exploring new places. On this particular day, they visit a farm outside of the city together. The story gently touches on Tina's parents' separation, and her wishes that she could see her father every day. Spanish phrases are woven throughout the text. While this book is currently out of print, used copies or library copies may be available.