Serving and Supporting Immigrant Students: Information for Schools

These resources outline what schools need to know about serving students who are immigrants or children of immigrants. Topics include students' legal rights, social-emotional support, and how immigration policies impact families and schools.

The following information outlines what schools need to know about serving students who are immigrants or children of immigrants. Recommended resources and updates regarding changing immigration policies are also available below.

Featured Resource

Our updated resource page on enrolling ELL and immigrant students includes resources, videos, and guides for schools for schools.

Guide: How to Support Immigrant Students and Families in Schools and Early Childhood Settings

This comprehensive guide includes more than 50 strategies that educators, staff, and administrators can use to ensure that schools and early childhood settings remain safe, welcoming places for immigrant students and their families.

School Registration: ELL and Immigrant Students

Learn more about registration and enrollment policies for ELLs and immigrant students in U.S. public schools, including recommendations for school staff and information on the court case Plyler v. Doe.


Getting to Know Immigrant Students and Families

One of the most important steps in helping immigrant students succeed is also the most basic: getting to know them and their families. Take a look at these creative ideas about how to get started.


Creating a Welcoming Environment for Immigrant Students

Making students feel welcome in the classroom will increase their confidence and comfort. Learn some easy strategies for creating a welcoming environment for your ELLs and immigrant students.


Supporting Immigrant Students: Ideas for Educators

There are lots of things individual educators can do to support immigrant students. Educators from across the country share their ideas and experiences, as well as some of their favorite recommended resources.


How Immigration Status Affects Students, Families, & Schools

What impact does the immigration status of students and family members have on schools? Learn more from these resource pages about topics such as DACA, issues for mixed-status families, immigration enforcement, and decisions about returning to a home country.


Classroom Connections: Immigration in the Curriculum

These multimedia resources offer classroom materials and lesson plans for all ages about the topic of immigration in the United States. Related booklists for students of all ages are also included.

Serving ELLs & Immigrant Students

Recommended Resources

Special Populations: ELLs and Immigrants

This resource section includes specific information about special populations such as newcomer immigrants, refugees, unaccompanied minors, DREAMERs, children in mixed-Status families, and students with interrupted formal education (SIFE).