Learning Together at Home

When you are with your child, there is a lot that you can learn together! This section has all kinds of ideas for activities that you can do around the house, outside, in your neighborhood, and during vacations at different times of year. It also has ideas related to math and science that are easy to try at home (like sorting socks). Try some of these out, and if you find an activity that your child enjoys, look for different ways and places to try it, or share it with your child’s teacher — you may find something that other kids and families will enjoy too!

Recommended Resource from Understood.org

For more great ideas, take a look at the bilingual resources on Learning Together at Home from Understood.org, a free website focused on learning and attention issues.

What You'll Find in This Section

Math is everywhere!  When you measure an ingredient for a recipe, tell time, pay a bill, or look at the daily temperature, you are using math.  These activities offer ideas on how to make math fun at home and start building some math skills that kids will use as they get older.

Learning Together at Home: Math

Kids are natural scientists. What makes a rainbow?  Why do bananas get brown?  These activities help kids explore the big, wild world and think about what scientists do through processes like observation and conducting experiments. Don't worry - you don't have to be a scientist yourself to try them!

Learning Together at Home: Science

There is a lot to learn just outside your door - at the market, riding the bus, or even looking out the window.  These activities share ideas for learning together in the neighborhood.  Once you start having ideas, you and your child won't stop and your trips won't be the same!

In the Neighborhood

There is so much to see outside - a bird's nest, a flower growing out of the sidewalk, a big rain cloud.  These activities can be done outside together and will help you and your child feel more connected to the outdoors - especially when you both need a break from screen time! 

Exploring the Outdoors

Even though school is out, the summer is a great time for kids to explore, read, and learn. In fact, research shows that kids who keep learning over the summer often have a better start to the new school year. Here are some ideas for helping to make the summer educational - and fun!

Summer Learning & Reading