Events During the School Year


During the school year, there are a number of events that help build the foundation for partnerships with families of English language learners (ELLs).  Take a look at these ideas for engaging families throughout the year, with special tips about reaching out to families in their home languages.

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What You'll Find in This Section

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Parent-teacher conferences are an important opportunity to meet the families of English language learners and discuss students' progress. However, the language barrier, different cultural expectations, and parents' work schedules can present unique challenges.  These resources includes tips for teachers on communication and engagement around conferences, as well as resources to share with ELL parents.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Winter can be filled with excitement as students from warmer climates experience their first snowfall. However, it can also present challenges and hardships for low-income families, families lacking proper winter clothing, and families unfamiliar with the ways that snow days, delays, or early releases work.  These resources address both the fun and challenging aspects of winter for ELLs.

Winter & ELLs: Tips and Activities

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Teaching English language learners during the summer can provide opportuntities for intensive support, as well as enrichment.  This section offers ideas for summer school and also highlights resources discussing the reasons why summer slide has a significant impact for ELLs. 

Teaching Summer School