Multilingual Tips for Families

Family reading together

There are many different ways multilingual families can support their child's literacy, education, and social-emotional health. These resources, available in multiple languages, offer tips and ideas to try at home! For more resources, see our multilingual family literacy video series and our bilingual family literacy guide.


These tip sheets were made possible by our founding partner, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association.

Being Bilingual Is a Superpower!: Tip Sheet in 16 Languages

Image of Literacy Tip SheetLearn how you can  to read by celebrating your language, culture, and special time together at home. Related resources include:

Video: Being Bilingual Is a Superpower!

Reading Tips in 13 Languages

Reading Tips in 13 LanguagesLearn how families can support literacy at home, whether their children are babies, toddlers, preschoolers, or in elementary school. These reading tips are available in 13 languages.

"Thanks to your site, the literacy committee at our school in St. Paul, MN, will provide Parent Tip Sheets to families who speak Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, Korean, and Vietnamese at home. I've already given tip sheets to a Korean parent who is on the committee, and he just beamed. He said, 'I can read English, but I can just look at this and read it in 10 seconds!'"

Special Education and Your Child: FAQ for Multilingual Families

If a child needs special education services, families may have many questions. This tip sheet offers basic information about special education services, families' rights to information in their home language, and an overview of different team members who may be involved in evaluations or instruction. These tips are available in 14 languages.

"Great resource for dually identified students! Share this with your multilingual families!"

How to Support Your Child’s Social-Emotional Health: 8 Tips for Families

How to Support Your Child’s Social-Emotional Health: 8 Tips for FamiliesThis tip sheet offers ideas on how families can support their children's social-emotional health and find support resources in their home languages. This tip sheet is available in 16 languages.