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There are a number of laws and guidelines related to the education of English language learners (ELLs) at the federal, state, and local level. This section includes an overview of those laws, as well as topics such as important court cases impacting ELLs and current issues in the news today. For additional information, see Advocacy & Leadership.

Research & Reports

Our Research & Reports section is filled with research reports, policy briefs, and research-based recommendations on reaching, teaching, and assessing ELLs.

Our policy section was made possible by the Carnegie Corporation, as well as the valuable input of many friends of our project.

What You'll Find in This Section

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In recent years, many schools have seen numbers of English language learners increase dramatically.  In addition, new waves of refugees, the arrival of unaccompanied youth from Central America, and changes in the laws that impact undocumented students have had a significant impact on schools. 

Learn more about what these changes mean for schools and teachers below.

Immigration and Schools

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The following articles provide perspectives meant to inform policy discussions around the education English language learners (ELLs). They are written for a general audience and we encourage you to chime in using our comment boxes after each article!

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