College Readiness for ELLs

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For English language learners (ELLs), the challenges of going to and applying to college can be overwhelming. ELL teachers can play an important role, however, by helping students prepare for and navigate the application process. This section features a number of articles with great ideas for ways that ELL educators can support their students as they consider their future plans.

What You'll Find in This Section

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One of the most important ways that schools can help English language learners successfully move on to higher education is by creating a college-going culture, where students and parents learn more about the application process, get to know more about college life, and can work with advisors and mentors to get there.  The educators featured here have some creative ideas to get started!

Creating a College-Going Culture

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Like most students, English language learners will need help navigating the terrain of financial aid, especially if they are the first in their families to apply for college. These resources outline tips for helping students and families manage the process, as well as policy considerations for improving college access.

Paying for College

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Many English language learners have questions about community colleges and the options available through two-year colleges.  Learn more from the articles and resources below.

Community Colleges