The Common Core and English Language Learners

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How can we help English language learners successfully meet the Common Core State Standards? This resource section offers ideas and materials including classroom videos, teacher interviews, and bilingual parent tips. For more great ideas and resources, see our Common Core and ELLs blog!

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What You'll Find in This Section

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The Common Core's focus on language and literacy provides an opportunity to help ELLs access more rigorous materials. The following strategies, tools, and recommendations are designed to help educators of English language learners and may prove to be very effective for other students as well, particularly in areas such as academic language.

Planning Common Core Instruction for ELLs

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The assessments that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards not only include challenging tasks and items, but they require sophisticated computer skills.  This section offers some ideas for supporting ELLs as they become more familiar with new test formats and routines.

Common Core & ELLs: Assessment

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