Cathryn Falwell

Books by This Author

Feast for Ten

Age Level: 0-3
Language: English

From one shopping cart to ten helping hands, the family shops, cooks, and then together shares a festive meal. Rhyming text and crisp illustrations show a warm extended family that brings joy to everyday activities.


Age Level: 3-6
"Six silent turtles sit still as stones" while life at the pond swirls all around them — until the turtles are startled and they "suddenly speed away!" Vibrant language combines with textured illustrations that scamper and flutter across richly colored pages. In the endnote, the author shares where and what she observes from her tree house.

Shape Capers

Age Level: 0-3
Shake the shapes and what do you find? A host of triangles, squares, and more! What can you do with them? Make different things. Where can you see them? All around you! Geometric shapes in bold colors depict a cast of children finding, identifying, and playing with shapes — all to a rhythmic text.