Helen Oxenbury

Books by This Author

All Fall Down

Age Level: 0-3

Young children will appreciate the game played by children (also in Tickle Tickle) in this sturdy book. Rhyming text and uncluttered illustrations are just right to share with the youngest child.

I Can

Age Level: 0-3
Young children can do a lot; and there are words for how they move. The baby can jump, bend, and much more — shown with little text and uncluttered illustrations in this sturdy board book made for sharing with the youngest child.

Pig Tale

Age Level: 3-6
Briggs and his wife Bertha are piggy pigs who feel that they need human luxuries to achieve happiness. The humor in this porcine tale is adult although children will appreciate the genuine emotions in the humorous illustrations.

Say Goodnight

Age Level: 0-3

Even the most active baby or toddler must sleep sometime, and in this story the children "say goodnight." Similar to Tickle Tickle and All Fall Down, this is a sure hit to share with babies and toddlers.

The Helen Oxenbury Nursery Collection

Age Level: 3-6
Culled from earlier volumes, these poems, rhymes, and familiar folktales are ideal for sharing aloud. Signature illustrations further enliven each offering and are sure to please readers young and not-so-young.

There's Going to be a Baby

Age Level: 3-6
As her baby grows, a mother shares her thoughts about what it will grow up to be. The conversations with her older son over time are seen through the seasons and different activities while the child's interpretations are presented in wordless double page spreads. The satisfying saga concludes when the boy and his granddad go to meet the new baby.

Tickle Tickle

Age Level: 0-3
Language: English

Chubby cheeked babies of many hues are shown in crisp illustrations doing things that babies do. The simple words are playful and energetic, just like the children in this and others by Oxenbury such as Clap Hands and All Fall Down.