Karen Katz

Books by This Author

Daddy and Me

Age Level: 0-3
The young narrator helps Daddy by finding the tools and materials for a special project. Sturdy pages with flaps encourage participation and make a game of sharing the book.

My First Ramadan

Age Level: 0-3

"Look! There is the new moon in the sky." With this engaging opening, readers meet a young boy celebrating Ramadan. Bright illustrations and a child's perspective make this an excellent choice for introducing young children to Ramadan, Eid, and the shared celebrations of Muslims around the world.


Age Level: 0-3
Who is under the umbrella or behind the laundry on the line? Is it the baby behind the ball? Just lift the flap and find the chubby-cheeked babies. Sturdy pages and everyday objects conceal the appealing youngsters in this interactive book, ideal for sharing.

Princess Baby

Age Level: 0-3
Early on, toddlers can discover princesses and like to be treated as royalty. This is definitely true for the round-faced baby who with her sparkly crown and shoes doesn't understand why her loving parents call her silly names like cupcake. The humor is for the adults, the book is for young princesses everywhere.

Shake It Up, Baby!

Age Level: 0-3
Chubby, rounded children in bright colors whish and swish, shake and bang in this sturdy board book with its built-in rattle. The rattle adds to the playfulness, though the language alone will get the young children moving.