Laura Krauss Melmed

Books by This Author

Heart of Texas: A Lone Star ABC

Illustrated by: Frané Lessac
Age Level: 3-6
Get to know Texas from A to Z in this attractive and informative book (continuing the author's A to Z looks at cities). Short poems introduce one aspect of the state with lots of factual nuggets sprinkled on each vibrantly illustrated page.

I Love You As Much

Illustrated by: Henri Sorensen
Age Level: 0-3

Celebrate Mother's Day every day. This celebration of the bond between mothers and their babies can be shared at naptime or bedtime or whenever it is time to say "I love you."

My Love Will Be with You

Illustrated by: Henri Sorensen
Age Level: 3-6
The special place in fathers' hearts for their children is celebrated in this warmly illustrated, wise book. Rich language describes each animal dad's prediction of their child's growing up until a human father is pictured embracing an infant. This is as appealing as the author/illustrator's I Love You as Much.

The First Thanksgiving Day: A Counting Story

Illustrated by: Mark Buehner
Age Level: 3-6
Starting with one Pilgrim boy resting in a tree and two Wampanoag children gathering nuts, the rhyming count continues until the Indians and Pilgrims gather to share the feast. Children will enjoy finding the turkey lurking on each page as it savors the banquet from a safe distance. The joy of the harvest and celebration of friendship reverberates in playful verse and merry illustrations.