Carmela Full of Wishes

Illustrated by:
Carmela Full of Wishes

When Carmela wakes up on her birthday, her wish has already come true — she's finally old enough to join her big brother as he does the family errands. Together, they travel through their neighborhood, past the crowded bus stop, the fenced-off repair shop, and the panadería, until they arrive at the Laundromat, where Carmela finds a lone dandelion growing in the pavement. But before she can blow its white fluff away, her brother tells her she has to make a wish. If only she can think of just the right wish to make...

Inspired by migrant farmworkers and children in mixed-status families, this story is another beautiful result of the collaboration between Matt de la Peña and illustrator Christian Robinson.

Matt de la Peña: Carmela Full of Wishes

Award-winning author Matt de la Peña talks about the migrant community that inspired Carmela Full of Wishes and the value of having picture books published in multiple languages.