Celebrating Ramadan and Eid

The White Knights of Ramadan

Learn about the holy month of Ramadan and the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr from a child's point of view! From the nightly watching of the Ramadan moon to the family discussions of when a child is old enough to start fasting, this selection of books portrays a variety of different Ramadan traditions throughout the world. Stories and customs such as moonlit walks and family prayers are depicted in stunning illustrations.

A number of the books include glossaries, educational notes, and personal memories from the authors and illustrators.

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A Party in Ramadan

Illustrated by: Laura Jacobsen
Age Level: 6-9

As Ramadan approaches, Leena is ready to fast with her family. Then she receives an invitation for a classmate's party on the same day of a special family meal to break the fast. Leena's decisions about fasting and the support she receives from her family and friends make this a wonderful story for talking about Ramadan. Lovely pastel illustrations complement the heartfelt story.

Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book of Shapes

Illustration of children in front of mosque
By: Hena Khan
Illustrated by: Mehrdokht Amini
Age Level: 3-6

From a crescent moon to a square garden to an octagonal fountain, this breathtaking picture book celebrates the shapes—and traditions—of the Muslim world. Sure to inspire questions and observations about world religions and cultures, Crescent Moons and Pointed Minarets is equally at home in a classroom reading circle and on a parent's lap being read to a child.

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors

Illustration of young girl in front of Mosque
By: Hena Khan
Illustrated by: Mehrdokht Amini
Age Level: 3-6

With breathtaking illustrations and informative text, Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns magnificently captures the world of Islam, celebrating its beauty and traditions for even the youngest readers. Sure to inspire questions and observations about world religions and cultures, this entrancing volume is equally at home in the classroom as it is being read to a child on a parent's lap.

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr

Age Level: 6-9

Product Description: Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, and Eid Al-Fitr, which marks the fast's end, are sacred times for millions throughout the world. Celebrate Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr examines the reasons for the month-long dawn-to-dusk fast and observes some of the wide variety of celebrations at the end of the fast worldwide.

It's Ramadan, Curious George

By: Hena Khan
Age Level: 0-3

It's the first day of Ramadan, and George is celebrating with his friend Kareem and his family. George helps Kareem with his first fast and joins in the evening celebration of tasting treats and enjoying a special meal. Then, George helps make gift baskets to donate to the needy, and watches for the crescent moon with the man in the yellow hat. Finally George joins in the Eid festivities to mark the end of his very first Ramadan. 

Lailah’s Lunchbox: A Ramadan Story

Illustrated by: Lea Lyon
Age Level: 6-9

Lailah is in a new school in a new country, thousands of miles from her old home, and missing her old friends. When Ramadan begins, she is excited that she is finally old enough to participate in the fasting but worried that her classmates won’t understand why she doesn’t join them in the lunchroom. Lailah solves her problem with help from the school librarian and her teacher and in doing so learns that she can make new friends who respect her beliefs.

Magid Fasts for Ramadan

Illustrated by: E.B Lewis
Age Level: Middle Grade

It is the first day of Ramadan, but everyone tells Magid he is too young to fast. "You will fast when you are older," says his grandfather. When Magid decides he is ready, he keeps his decision a secret from his family — but were they right after all? Illustrations in watercolor portray a lovely Egyptian setting for the story.

Moon Watchers: Shirin's Ramadan Miracle

Illustrated by: Anne Sibley O'Brien
Age Level: 6-9

Shirin is anxious to fast, but her family encourages her to find other ways to celebrate Ramadan — perhaps by doing some extra good deeds. No one is more surprised than Shirin when she decides to do a good deed that will benefit her older brother! Readers will appreciate the special Ramadan traditions of Shirin's family, as well as their discussion other family's customs. Richly painted illustrations convey the warmth of the story.

Nabeel's New Pants: An Eid Tale

Illustrated by: Proiti Roy
Age Level: 3-6

As Nabeel prepares to celebrate Eid, he buys gifts for his family and a pair of new pants for himself. The pants, however, are four fingers too long and no one has time to shorten them…or so Nabeel thinks! A colorful, humorous version of a folk story familiar in many cultures which will serve as an entertaining read-aloud for young children.

Night of the Moon

By: Hena Khan
Illustrated by: Julie Paschkis
Age Level: 6-9

One evening, Yasmeen's mother pulls aside the curtain and tells her daughter to look at the thin crescent moon. In the Islamic calendar, she explains, it is a month of new beginnings — Ramadan. Each night, Yasmeen watches the moon change until the special Night of the Moon celebration. Vibrant illustrations convey the magic of Ramadan and its special traditions.


Illustrated by: Omar Rayyan
Age Level: 3-6

Learn about Ramadan and its traditions through the eyes of young Hakeem. Intricate illustrations including Islamic motifs accompany an informative and engaging text.

The White Nights of Ramadan

Illustrated by: Ned Gannon
Age Level: 6-9

During the middle of Ramadan, Noor is preparing for Girgian, a special celebration that takes places in countries of the Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf region. She and her brothers will dress in traditional clothes and collect candy in fancy bags that they have decorated — much like trick-or-treating. Young readers will enjoy learning about this celebration, as well as other important aspects of Ramadan. Lovely oil paintings bring Noor's preparations and this moonlit celebration to life.

Under the Ramadan Moon

Illustrated by: Garth Williams
Age Level: 6-9

During Ramadan, this loving family prays and fasts together. They also stop bad habits, give to the poor, hang bright lights, and visit friends — all under the Ramadan moon! Lush pastel illustrations fill the pages with soft moonlight, the warmth of friends and family, and beautiful designs at the Mosque. Children will enjoy repeating the lyrical refrain that appears throughout the story. Author's note included.