Dr. Rebecca Palacios: Podcast

In this interview with Dr. Palacios, she discusses the qualities of a strong Pre-K program for ELLs and professional development for Pre-K educators.

The full transcript of this interview is available below.


Dr. Rebecca Palacios has been a pre-Kindergarten teacher in Corpus Christi, Texas, for more than thirty years. She's now a dual-language pre-kindergarten teacher at Zavala Special Emphasis School and holds certification from the prestigious National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, on which she also serves as the Vice Chair. She has received numerous prestigious awards and honors for being an outstanding educator from nationwide organizations.

She's served as an adjunct professor, has led delegations of educators abroad to learn about foreign education systems, and currently serves on the AFT's nationwide advisory task force on English language learners. Dr. Palacios holds degrees from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi and the University of Texas at Austin.