In order to master academic language, English learners must develop proficiency in the four domains of language:

  • speaking
  • reading
  • listening
  • writing.

Every state is required to have its own set of English language proficiency (ELP) standards that lays out what a student should be able to do in English in each domain and at each level of English proficiency. You can learn more about the standards used in your state from Colorín Colorado’s ELL Resources by State guide.

Screener assessments for determining English language proficiency levels are aligned to these standards and are often used as one instrument for determining whether a student is eligible for English language development services. These screener assessments are different than annual assessments of English language proficiency.

Note: If the district has an intake or welcome center for ELs, they will be given the screener there. Filling out a home language survey is often the step that will start the process of determining whether a student needs EL services.