ELL Starter Kit for Educators

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Keeping periodic track of the progress English language learners are making in their second language acquisition skills is essential. This starter kit, created in partnership with the American Federation of Teachers, provides helpful forms for PK-12 educators who work with ELLs to find out if they’re on track learning the important academic English skills they need to be successful.

Inside the ELL Starter Kit for Educators, you'll find the following downloadable monitoring forms, which you can feel free to print and share:

  • Overall Language Performance
  • Oral Communication Skills
  • Reading Skills
  • Fluency Skills: Expressive Reading
  • Use of Comprehension Strategies

You'll also find the following helpful resources:

  • Common Classroom Phrases: Spanish
  • Cognates: Similar Spanish-English Words
  • Recommended Spanish-English Bilingual Books

Additional information:

Informal Assessment PDFs