June 2012

We are pleased to feature a wide range of resources focused on young English language learners this month. We also encourage you to look at our special books and articles in honor of Father's Day.

Type of Newsletter: TELLEGRAM
Date: June, 2012

Dear Subscribers:

We are pleased to feature a wide range of resources focused on young English language learners this month. We also encourage you to look at our special books and articles in honor of Father's Day.

We'll be taking July off to keep working on some new resources on Colorín Colorado, but look forward to seeing you here in August!

All the best for a safe and enjoyable summer,

The Colorín Colorado Team

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New! Colorín Colorado Facebook Group

Colorín Colorado has launched a new discussion group on Facebook! Feel free to join and post your ELL comments and questions.

Interview Tips for ESL/Bilingual Teachers

If you are looking for a new ESL or bilingual teaching position this summer, there are a number of things you can do to help prepare for the interview. This article by Susan Lafond on ESL/bilingual job interview tips outlines general information that will get you started, as well as areas of your own experience that may be helpful to highlight in the interview.

New on Colorín Colorado

Preschool ELL Resources

Our updated early childhood resources section includes a preschool webcast, classroom strategies, parent tips, research reports, and recommended books and websites. In addition, don't miss the new resources listed below.

Policy Information

How does policy affect young ELLs? How should standards and assessment be used with young children? The articles and reports in our new early childhood policy section provide a variety of perspectives on these important questions.

Professional Booklist

These titles focus on young English language learners and include topics such as language instruction, early literacy, parent engagement, culturally responsive practice, diversity in early childhood settings, staffing considerations, and policy and research recommendations.

Recommended Resources

ECETech Network

ECEtech.net is a community for early childhood educators and product developers who want to explore the practical side of technology use in preschool settings. It is a collaboration between Karen Nemeth and Fran Simon, authors of Digital Decisions: Choosing the Right Technology Tools for Early Childhood Education. Through this group, Karen and Fran are exploring how culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning in early education settings can be enhanced by supporting the developmentally appropriate use of educational technology. The network includes the website, a blog, a Twitter chat group, a Facebook page and a LinkedIn group, as well as results from a nationwide survey on technology use in early childhood settings.

Research and Reports

Preschool and School Readiness: Experiences of Children with Non-English-Speaking Parents

by Jill S. Cannon, Alison Jacknowitz, and Lynn A. Karoly

Recently much attention has been given to the importance of preschool attendance in preparing children for kindergarten. Educators and researchers agree that attendance in center-based preschool programs can be especially important for English language learners because it gives them a head start, both in learning English and in developing essential school readiness skills. A recent study by the Public Policy Institute of California examined the effect of preschool attendance on one particular sub-group of ELLs, linguistically isolated children, or children who have little or no exposure to English in their home environments.

The findings of this study showed a positive association between preschool attendance and early reading scores, measured early in the kindergarten year. In fact, the relationship was somewhat stronger for linguistically isolated children than for other ELL children. There was not, however, a significant positive relationship between preschool attendance and kindergarten mathematics scores. The researchers concluded that while preschool continues to be a useful strategy for preparing ELL children for kindergarten, preschools may be missing an important opportunity to help linguistically isolated children develop the early mathematics skills that, along with reading skills, are predictive of later success in school.

In the Classroom

Tips for Teaching ELLs in Summer School

If you are planning on teaching ELLs in summer school this year, you may find these strategies for building background knowledge, vocabulary, and academic skills helpful. The tips were compiled by Sharon Eghigian, a teacher in Utica, NY who has taught students in a wide variety of ELL summer programs.

Books and Authors

Booklist: Reading with Dads

There's nothing like reading a favorite story with Dad or Grandpa! The Reading with Dads booklist celebrates fathers and grandfathers and the many reasons they are so special. It includes a number of beloved books from different cultures and ethnic traditions that families are sure to enjoy together. Also available in Spanish.

In addition, take a look at our bilingual reading tips for dads! A PreK version is available as well as a K-3 version.

Book of the Month

Papá and Me
By Arthur Dorros
Illustrated by Rudy Gutierrez

Product Description: A young boy and his papa may speak both Spanish and English, but the most important language they speak is the language of love. Here, Arthur Dorros portrays the close bond between father and son, with lush paintings by Rudy Gutierrez.

National Parks Booklist

The summer is a great time to visit our National Parks! Read about how the Everglades were formed, meet a young woman who survived the Alamo, and travel with a boy who journeys from the New York City subway to the redwoods!