September 2009

Este número de Boletín ofrece a los padres un número de recursos escolares, así como maneras de incentivar a sus hijos para que les vaya bien en la escuela durante todo el año.

Type of Newsletter: Boletin
Date: September, 2009

This is the English version of our Spanish-language newsletter, the Boletín informativo Colorín Colorado, which is written with Spanish-speaking parents and families in mind. Many of the articles included in the original Spanish version of the Boletín informativo are also available in English! For those that aren't we'll provide you with a summary and a link to the article in Spanish.

This edition of the Boletín offers parents a number of ideas for ways that parents can encourage their child's academic success throughout the school year.

Many articles in this newsletter will make great handouts for parents! We hope that you will be able to share the information in this newsletter with Hispanic parents and families who are trying to help their children become successful readers. You are welcome to print and distribute (crediting, or you can use our "Tell-a-friend" feature.

Don't forget to check Colorín Colorado for updates, tips, and much more!

Reading and school success

Parent Tips: Getting the School Year Off to a Good Start

As a parent, there are many things you can do at home to help your child have a good school year. Here are ten important ways to get started!

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How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

Take a look at these articles to learn more about what you can do to support your child academically all year long. Topics range from helping with homework to establishing a relationship with your child's teacher.

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Listen and Look at Back-to-School Night

Most schools offer a Back-to-School Night for families a few weeks after school begins. The evening provides a chance for families to learn more about their child's school and classroom. Take this opportunity to listen and look for signs that your child's is in a place where good reading instruction can take place.

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Let's Read!

Book of the Month

Braids / Trencitas
By Kathleen Contreras

Meet Abuela and Isabela, who tell each other stories while Abuela braids and unbraids Isabela's hair every day. When Isabela discovers Abuela can't read, she finds a wonderful way to help her grandmother. Lovely illustrations bring Isabela and Abuela to life in this heartwarming book about the importance of passing down traditions across generations.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Booklist

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Colorín Colorado has compiled a booklist featuring a wide variety of topics, authors, and illustrators. Reading is a wonderful way to celebrate your culture with your family all year long!

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New Booklist: Every Day Is Grandparents' Day!

Whether they call them Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Pop Pop, or Abuelita and Abuelito, kids love their grandparents. In immigrant families, grandparents often provide a link to a family's cultural heritage, native language, and ties to the "old country" — and they have lots of great stories to tell! These books about grandparents from around the world celebrate all that grandparents have to offer — and what their grandchildren offer them in return.

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Research, Guides, and More

Question of the Month

Recently, Colorín Colorado presented Frequently Asked Questions for Parents. We will continue to add new questions each month to this section. If you don't see a question you would like answered, be sure to send us an e-mail!

Featured Question:

* This month's question is an excerpt from Learning Two Languages: Questions Parents Ask and is reprinted with permission from PBS Parents. To see more of their resources in English and Spanish, be sure to visit their website!

Early Learning Resources

There are so many ways that you can help your child become a learner! The Pierce County Library System in Tacoma, Washington offers some great bilingual resources to get you started, including ideas for reading and singing together as well as ways to help get your little ones ready for school.

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