Early Childhood and Family Investment Transition Report

Commissioned by the governor of Oregon, this report was written by an Early Childhood and Family Investment team charted with integrating state funded services, agencies, and structures to ensure that every child enters school ready and able to learn, enters first grade ready to read, and leaves first grade reading. After five work sessions and surveying current research and statewide stakeholders in early childhood programs and services, the team made recommendations laid out in the report to improve early childhood services in Oregon. The recommendations include significant changes in the ways in which the state would identify, deliver, and fund services so that a more efficient, accountable approach is used which delivers measurable results. The recommendations support an integrated, collective, financially accountable approach and outline changes in three areas: Early identification and support; Shared measurement and accountability; and Budget and governance.


Curtis, P. & Saxton, L. (2011). Early Childhood and Family Investment Transition Report The Science of Early Childhood Development: Closing the Gap Between What We Know and What We Do , Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University.