Bilingual Resources: Spanish

Cuentos y Más

Celebrate the joy of reading with Cuentos y Más, a dynamic show offered by the Arlington Public Library in Arlington, VA and winner of the Outstanding Children's Program award by the Virginia Public Library Directors Association. The program features the talented and engaging bilingual storyteller Mariela Aguilar, who tells stories in English and Spanish and then visits places in the community such as the library. Produced for television, the program is now available as an online video for free viewing.

National Park Service

The website of the National Park Service provides links to historic sites and parks throughout the country, along with recommended links, activities, and background information.

Spanish for Kids

Spanish for Kids provides activities, multimedia clips, online dictionaries, a directory of Spanish-language schools, travel logs, and a forum for Spanish-language learners.

Sesame Street: Military Families

Sesame Workshop presents a bilingual educational outreach initiative designed for military families and their young children to share. The materials include a parents' magazine, a children's poster, a facilitator guide, and downloadable videos and music.

Scholastic News English/Spanish

Scholastic News English/Español is a classroom magazine available by subscription with a flip-format that lets students read the same content in both English and Spanish. The magazine connects its topics to Latino cultures and offers family activities that can be sent home.

Los Bloguitos

Los Bloguitos, managed by children's authors and illustrators, is a Spanish-language blog for Spanish-speaking children. It highlights colorful tales, poetry, drawings, and more.


Lectorum offers an English and a Spanish-language Web site for consumers to purchase adult and children's Spanish-language books online.


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