Content Resources: Social Studies

American RadioWorks: King's Last March

This website is a documentary of the life of Martin Luther King Jr. during his years advocating for racial unity. This website provides information about his position on the Vietnam War, his records with the FBI, his most powerful preachings, and other resources of the last month of his life.

American RadioWorks: Imperial Washington

This is an American RadioWorks documentary that enables audience to listen or read the transcriptions of the radio shows, read articles, and find other resources about politics. This website is especially dedicated to the job of Congressmen and lobbyists.

National Park Service

The website of the National Park Service provides links to historic sites and parks throughout the country, along with recommended links, activities, and background information.

National Geographic School Publishing

Differentiated themed sets, reading programs, magazines, and content-based fiction materials created for ELLs and struggling readers. Strong emphasis on understanding science, social studies, and math content while improving literacy skills.


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