ELL Blogs, Newsletters, and Listservs

Learning Magazine Online

Learning Magazine produces a categorized listing of resources for teachers. Categories include: children's literature, ESL, and Internet resources.

ESL Mini-Conference

The site provides an efficient way for new as well as seasoned ESL professionals to make a difference in the trends and issues of our rapidly developing field.

ELL Outlook Newsletter

The ELL Outlook is a bimonthly e-newsletter dedicated to providing the latest research, news, program models, and interviews with ELL researchers, educators, and policymakers.

Learning the Language

Learning the Language is a blog sponsored by <em>Education Week</em> and written by Mary Ann Zehr. The blog tackles difficult policy questions surrounding English-language learning, explores learning innovations, and shares stories about different cultural groups.

Language Magazine

Language Magazine is the popular periodical of language, education, and communication. The magazine also includes conference and job posting information. The Internet version links to some articles in PDF.

hELLo Newsletter

The free hELLo Newsletter, produced by the Big Deal Book, is available by email subscription and online. It specifically targets K-12 and Adult ELL educators, program directors, and media specialists by providing access to imaginative and interactive Web environments and free materials.
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