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ELL experts Ruslana Westerlund and Kristina Robertson have compiled 8 common myths regarding ELs that they think administrators should reconsider, as well as supporting research for their responses to each myth, best practices, strategies, and recommen

Albuquerque teacher Ali Nava describes the "realia" activity she used to introduce Burro's Tortillas and some of the items she brought into the classroom for the lesson.

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The Education Department's Institute of Education Sciences reviewed a number of instructional strategies for English language learners and provided a summary of their recommendations.

Common core state standards curriculum rubric

When asked to review these curricular units, I realized I needed a rubric to help me take an objective look at them and be able to share the results with the curriculum writers.Dr. Sydney Snyder and I developed the rubric below and found that it’s been helpful in framing our own thinking.

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Visuals can be a powerful way to engage students, help them make important connections, and make new content accessible.