How to Address Bias and Bullying: Resources for Schools

"Bullying stops here' sign

This resource collection provides a number of tools for addressing bullying and bias, as well as for exploring bigger topics in the classroom. Links to related lesson plans and booklists are included below.

Bullying: Resource Collection

Bias, Bullying, and Violence

Bias: Resource Collection

Resources from Anti-Defamation League

Empathy: Resource Collection

Immigration Topics

Welcoming Immigrant Students

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Immigration: Classroom Resources

Related topics: Lesson plans, booklists and more

Videos: Bullying and Bias in Schools

Hena Khan Talks about what young American Muslims experience on a regular basis

What it felt like to be bullied

Principal Tam recalls his experiences being bullied as a young Chinese immigrant in the United States.

How school leaders can respond to anti-Asian bullying and violence

Principal Victor Tam urges school leaders to consider how the rise in anti-AAPI violence during COVID-19 impacts their students and families — and how to respond as a leader in the community.