Henry Sales, Ajxnaq’tzal: B’itzni tuk’l ne tk’wali/tali! / Sing to Your Baby!

Mam: Henry Sales, jun Ajxnaq’tzal o tzul itz’j tuj paxil Guatemala, nxi tq’aman kye qa ja mamb’aj b’ix txub’aj tu’n kyb’itzan tuk’l qa ne kyk’wal tuj kyex ky-yol b’ix nxi tb’itzan jun ne tb’anixix b’itz tu’n mamba’j te.

English: Henry Sales, a Mam educator who was born in Guatemala, encourages families to sing to their babies in their home languages and shares one of his favorite songs as a dad.

Note: You can see this video in English and Spanish.