Claudia Navarro

High School ELL Educator | Miami, FL

Claudia H. Navarro is an ELL educator in Miami, Florida. In this interview, Claudia discusses some of the strategies she uses to help struggling students master new content, shares ideas of helping students apply for college, and offers some advice for new ELL educators.

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Claudia H. Navarro is currently an ELL paraprofessional at Howard D. McMillan Middle School in Miami, Florida. In this role, she provides an individualized support system for students in the sciences, social sciences, and maths through the school's Home Language Assistance program. She also has provided extensive support for students preparing to apply for and attend college after graduation. Ms. Navarro has been a paraprofessional for 16 years, working with students of all grades levels, including special education students and ELLs. The mother of two sons, she is also a member of the AFT ELL Educator Cadre and recently earned a bachelor's degree in Special Education from Miami-Dade College.